bootsHey Pongo/Pussers/Scran bags*

So you are getting posted to Civ Div? Scary stuff right? Don’t worry I’ll try and help you. This is not an official MOD or CTP resettlement site, I set it up after serving 23 years in the Army, left in 2011 and now living it up in Australia. I’ve just tried to put all the information you need in one place and cut through all the BS and tell you what you can do and how. That is it so get yourself a brew/wet/Piña colada and have a look around.

This site contains advice and information for personnel who are leaving, or have already left, the UK Armed Forces. Here you will find Resettlement information for the Royal Navy (RN), Army and the Royal Air Force (RAF) about the whole Resettlement process, what to do at each stage and how to do it. We have put all the information about Resettlement in one place so you don’t have to spend hours of your valuable time searching the Internet for the information that you need.

Often the whole process can seem a little overwhelming so we have provided easy step by step guides and examples for every Resettlement process from writing your CV, finding jobs, courses and training, interview techniques, what funding is available and how to apply for it, ELC credits, pay & pensions,and a whole lot more…

Keep on visiting the site as we will be constantly updating with the latest redundancy news, training courses, job market trends, CV tips, expenses and all the latest information for a smooth resettlement to Civ Div.


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